Optical Products

When it comes to taking care of your vision, having the correct eyewear is very important. At Valley Vision Clinic & Optical in Richfield, UT, we offer any corrective eyewear you need, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and more.



Our optometrists prescribe eyeglasses for many different reasons. Whether you're simply getting older and need a pair of reading glasses, or you need all-day prescription glasses for your child, you can find what you're looking for at Valley Vision Clinic & Optical. With top brands and a helpful team who knows how to help you find the right frames, we make shopping for eyeglasses easy.

Designer Frames

If you want something a little more stylish, designer frames are a good solution. Not only are designer frames made for style, but they're also made of durable materials. No matter what your style is or what designer brand is your favorite, you can find something that fits your face perfectly when you get your frames from Valley Vision Clinic & Optical.


As important as your prescription is, it's also important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. You need a good pair of sunglasses when the sun is out, but switching from prescription to non-prescription lenses can be tough. Fortunately, we offer prescription sunglasses to help keep your vision at its best every day.

Lens Options

In addition to offering a wide variety of eyeglass frames and sunglasses, Valley Vision Clinic & Optical also offers a range of lens options. Anti-scratch lenses are easy to care for and last longer. Blue light lenses filter out harsh blue light from screens, protecting your eyes and reducing eye fatigue. For those who need multiple prescriptions in one pair of glasses, we offer progressive lenses. And of course, we also offer transition lenses, so you can protect your eyes from the sun without making it a hassle.

Contact Lenses

For those who don't like wearing glasses all day, contact lenses are the best alternative. Our team of experts can help you decide if contact lenses are the right solution for you. We can get you set up with everything you need to get started. We can even teach you how to put in, remove, and care for contact lenses if it is your first time using them. Our facility can provide you with custom contact lenses, or even colored lenses to transform your eye color.

Schedule an Exam

Visiting our optometrist regularly is an important part of caring for your eye and vision health. At Valley Vision Clinic & Optical in Richfield, UT, we make it easy to find any eyewear you need to protect your vision. To find out more or to schedule an eye exam, contact Valley Vision Clinic & Optical today.



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